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Everything you hate about presentations

Posted by Stinson / May 27th, 2016


A growing mass of people attribute the loss of attention span to the technologic era.

Communication has been limited to 140 character and words are amalgams of letters and numbers. You know BRB, C U L8R.

But the truth is, communication media has been streamlined for a good reason; people are incapable of communicating normally in an appealing manner. School and society have stopped educating us in the art of communicating. This hilarious video depicts everything that can and will go wrong with your average presentation but it could easily be applied to any form of communication.

As presentation designers we have seen the best and worst presentations you could think of. Our job is to make sure you no longer walk into a room and witness what happens in the video. Every person we have spoken to, acknowledges that a well designed presentation captures a least 3 times more attention and response rate goes through the roof.

You know that saying, you are what you eat? Well the same goes for your company. You company is the presentation you make of it. So if it is poorly designed and badly presented, chances are you will lose the prospect. Presentations are like advertising you have to spend money to make money.

On that bombshell, enjoy the video.