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Interactive mobile presentations (on the iPad); phase of future?

Posted by Stinson / May 27th, 2016

As consultants, the vast majority of the presentations we build are intended to be presented on un-personal formats such as print or projectors.

But lately an odd thing happened to the presentation world, mobile tablets came out. Each roadshow I have attended this year has seen an increasing number of people presenting their products on tablets rather than displaying them on flat screens and projectors. This begs the question; why?


Having spoken to these people presenting on tablets I can tell you that the number of leads generated they generated has grown by several multiples since they have adopted the tablets.

The fundamental reason behind this, is that people want to feel they are being solicited in an authentic manner. Presenting to someone on a smaller device, requires your client get closer and thus creates a human connection. Furthermore, if you have several tablets, you can hand one to your client and let them navigate through your presentation at their own pace. They can take their time, zoom in on information, come back on any given slide and generate a genuine discussion around the product. Tablets are enabling your company to create a personal relationship with your client rather than a cold, generic one.

The amazing thing about presenting on a tablet is it’s portability. Instead of traveling with 50″ screens and projectors, your sales team will carry 2 lb. tablets which they can also use to communicate with clients (via email, skype); entertain themselves on the plane and much more.

(To be noted, the vast majority of the mobile presentations we have built were destined to the Apple iPad.)

Can I create or edit my presentation directly on my iPad?

Absolutely! Although we will create your presentations on a desktop and then send it to your iPad, you can feel free to edit it as much as you like and up to the very last minute.

Could you put the Powerpoint you developed for me on and iPad?

Yes. There are two ways we could proceed. We could upload your PPT directly to your iPad and open it with a PPT reader, but you would most likely lose transitions and builds. We would rather convert your PPT into a new format called Keynote and use the Keynote for iPad app which has better presentation functionalities such as transitions and builds.

Can an iPad presentation include video and other rich media?

Definitely. We will just need to upload the media onto your iPad’s library, link it to your Keynote and you will be good to go.

How do you recommend I present with my iPad?

Well, we really recommend presenting one-on-one and giving control of the presentation to your client. But there are many other ways to proceed. You could plug you iPad onto a projector and run the presentation from there. This would enable you to have your notes or view the next slide on your iPad and thus maximize your efficiency. Instead of plugging your iPad to the projector, which may a bit of a hassle, you could wirelessly transmit from the iPad to the projector with an Apple TV.


Can I send my presentations directly from my iPad?

You most definitely can! Keynote fro iPad gives you the option to send your presentation as a PDF.

If you would like to know more about iPad presentations, feel free to send us a quick email. We’ll be happy to discuss this option for your company.