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Slide Design for Powerpoint Guide

Posted by Stinson / May 29th, 2016

Microsoft PowerPoint may seem like a basic tool at first glance, but it is a powerful tool that has many features to make your presentation stand out from the rest. In fact, when you use Microsoft PowerPoint, there is no need to insert third party tools to enhance your deck of slides. All the features that you need are packed into the software. If you are looking for some tips for slide design for PowerPoint that will add a “wow” factor into your presentation look no further. We have compiled a number of tips that will help you ace your upcoming presentation

Select the background

Microsoft PowerPoint has a set of master slides and background themes that you can use to maintain consistency throughout your presentation. So, based on the purpose of your PowerPoint presentation, choose a background theme that will go well with your content. Make sure that the background theme is applied to all the slides in your presentation.

Add the text

You next step is to add the text to the slides. Instead of copying and pasting the text from a source, select a few keywords that you want to highlight in your presentation and add them to your slides. Do not exceed 20 words per slide.


Add graphs and charts

Once you add the text, you will realize that instead of putting the content in bullet points, you might be able to present the information in the form of charts. In the Microsoft PowerPoint tool, you will find numerous types of charts that you can use. Select the charts that will enhance your data and work towards filling in the appropriate content in the charts.

If you are preparing large amounts of data to present to your audience, select graphs and tables that can organize the data and reduce the clutter on the slides.

Add appropriate images

For slides that only have text, try to add images to make the PowerPoint presentation interesting. For example, if you are preparing a PowerPoint presentation for a wedding reception, add images like champagne glasses and balloons to indicate a celebration.

Scale the images to the right size

If you have images on your slides, it is important to scale them properly so that they don‰Ûªt look too small or awkward. When you resize an image, ensure that it is not blurry and that the aspect ratio is respected. Images have to be clear to make the presentation attractive.

Align the images properly

Once you add images to the slides, ensure that the text and images are aligned properly. Ensure that there is enough space between the text and the images on a slide. If you have text on the right side of a slide, keep the images on the left side so that it looks neat.

Add video clips

Last but not the least, amazing visuals, such as videos can make your presentation impactful. So, put an icing to the cake by adding a video that will keep the audience interested in your presentation.

Now, start exploring the powerful tool created by Microsoft that has been sitting on your desktop for ages and you will be amazed by the power and magic in your hands. Apply these slide design for PowerPoint tips and you will look like a professional PowerPoint presentation designer in no time.