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Tired of missing fonts on your PowerPoints?

Posted by Stinson / May 27th, 2016
close up of hand using tablet and notebook working at home

close up of hand using tablet and notebook working at home

This has happened to more than once, you receive a presentation and open it to a scary “Missing Fonts” pop-up. A missing font could mess up the format of an otherwise perfect deck of slides, you or your colleagues have spent hours developing.

Worry no more! There is a simple solution to this missing font problem, you can thank Microsoft. What you will need to do is embed the fonts you have used in your current document.

Tips: You should only embed the fonts you used and not all fonts as this will help reduce the file size.

Let’s see how to do it on PowerPoint 2010:

  • Click on “File” (top-left)
  • Click “Options” on the left pane


You now have the PowerPoint Options window open

  • Select the “Save” tab
  • Now check the “Embed fonts in the file” box

You now have two options, but as I explained earlier you should

  • Select “only the characters used” as this will reduce the file size


  • On PowerPoint 2007, you should click on the round Office button (top-left) then click on “PowerPoint Options” at the bottom of the menu.
  • On PowerPoint 2003, you should click on “Tools” then “PowerPoint Options” and finally “Save”.